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People not in love with London anymore? It happens… We met an instagramer who found his way. He’s Tamas Olajos and we talked to him to understand his photographic style.
I’m a Hungarian visual artist and co-director at Stellar Circus. I’ve been living in London for 6 years now and have worked on many exciting film and photo projects. I’m open for technical innovations and experimenting.
The idea of the project was pretty random. I first bought the domain two years ago because I think it sounds really catchy and it was also free to buy. I didn’t really know what to do with that for a year though. Then on the winter of 2013 I bought a compact Sigma DP1 camera on ebay. It’s a 6 years old digital camera which has a really unique sensor and apart from that it’s really limited technically, but compact enough to carry around. As I’m a filmmaker/photographer I have a full frame DSLR kit, which I don’t really bring anywhere but work since it’s heavy and takes up a lots of space in my bag.
I started taking photos of architecture, lights, shadows and abstract compositions around London since I travel a lot in the city. I’m not in love with London anymore and this is kinda gets reflected on the images and the name of the blog. Dystopia.
It made sense to upload the photos on my site as a series. Every day I shoot I post the images in the end of the day and give the daily average temperature as a  title for each posts. I started enjoying photography once again thanks to this project and this camera which I love even if it is old and limited. It feels a bit like shooting with an analogue camera for me. I only use Adobe Lightroom to adjust the levels of the images.
I also bring this camera wherever I travel to, so I have extended the project to Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Budapest, Berlin and whatever comes next! Also, since I have a fashion photography background I’d like to mix the style of London Falling with fashion so I’ve started to go to this direction and shot with a model in LA. It had a great success among my viewers so I should keep on continue this. Hopefully I’ll shoot more like this in London when the weather gets better.
As an extension and promotion of London Falling I have an instagram feed ( which goes really well, my photos got more likes than my personal account @tamasovisual :)
I’d like to have an exhibition soon from my images as well, but it takes some preparation.
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