The best burger in Bristol for 2014? Grillstock!


If you like hamburgers and festivals, you will love Grillstock, winner of the award of “best burger” in Bristol for 2014 and organizer of events.

Which is the secret of this success? Let’s talk with them to understand…


How did Grillstock start?

Grillstock was founded by Jon Finch and Ben Merrington who both share a deep love for American BBQ and the culture that surrounds it. 

It’s all about cooking meat with fire and smoke, chowing down together on a big table with family and friends, kicking back to great music. This led them to create their first Grillstock festival in Bristol in 2010. It is a rowdy weekend festival of meat, music and mayhem where thousands of smoking’ fans now join them annually to enjoy the southern style hospitality.

How has Grillstock developed?

Following the success of the Grillstock Bristol festival and by popular demand the first Grillstock Smokehouse opened. Taking big hunks of meat, they smoke them low ‘n’ slow on site every day in the Grillstock smokers. The music is loud and the lighting low.

What’s happening in 2015?

Last year they opened two more Smokehouses and launched another festival, Grillstock Manchester. This year Grillstock festivals return to Bristol and Manchester, with other Smokehouses and festivals in the pipeline.

The team have recently brewed their own craft beer, the Grillstock Pale Ale which is now on sale in the Smokehouses and will be available at the festivals this summer. 

What is a Grillstock signature burger?

Lockjaw is a burger of epic proportions. An awe-inspiring stack piled high with Grillstock’s famous pulled pork and 18 hour hickory smoked sliced beef brisket with two burger Grillstock custom grind pattys, sliced cheese and those nuggets of BBQ gold, Brisket Burnt Ends, all topped with a smother of house fry sauce.


Recently Grillstock has launched its very own brew that is designed to pair with their smoked meats. Nothing washes down BBQ better than great craft beer. Grillstock Pale Ale is a refreshing beer that perfectly compliments the juicy, smoky tastes of southern style BBQ. The blend of three big US hops delivers a punchy, well balanced and satisfying mouthful of Americana.

Grillstock Pale Ale is available at Grillstock 2015 summer festivals. The team is currently investigating opportunities for nationwide distribution of the beer in 2015. Grillstock Pale Ale is brewed in collaboration with Beerd Brewery using Pale Ale, Caragold and Crystal malts. The beer is hopped using Columbus, Summit and Citra and then dry hopped with a mix of the same.

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